Supercharge your spreadsheets!
XLShare adds new Real-time Collaboration and Sharing
capabilities to your Excel spreadsheets. Give your
spreadsheets new super powers.
See XLShare in Action

How to share your own spreadsheets. Demo collaboration between Office 365 and Excel 2016. Collaboration with desktop Excel. Using XLL addin and demostrating example spreadsheets.

Collaborate among all your spreadsheets
XLShare brings collaboration and sharing to your spreadsheets. Collaborate not only between Office 365 but among all versions of Excel – 2013, 2016 (Windows / Mac), Excel Online, Office 365 and Excel for iPad. But why limit your spreadsheets to the grids of Excel? XLShare can open up new possibilities of collaboration between spreadsheets and websites, database, Python, R and mobile apps. All in real-time.
Supports many scenarios of Collaboration, Sharing and Co-Authoring
XLShare supports many different scenarios of collaboration and sharing. Share the entire workbook or only the data you want. Share only within your organization or with all your friends. Collate data among different spreadsheets into your own and view only the data you want. XLShare also supports collaboration where intensive calculations are only performed once on a central server and the results shared among all.
Not ready for the cloud? Concerns about data security?
Worried about moving your enterprise data to the cloud or storing your files on a network drive? We share your concerns about data security and understand you want total control of your data. Our collaboration technology does not require you to compromise your data’s security. You do not need to run Excel or store your files in the cloud. You manage your data and control who and what you want to share. XLShare utilizes the latest in cloud technology, but does not compromise on your data’s security.
“Collaborating and sharing makes it slower [on Office 365]”
Maybe because it’s Office 365? XLShare was built from the ground up for speed. We have live production environments with 100’s of users around the world sharing gigabytes of datasets of financial markets. XLShare is used in high frequency trading, so we measure our collaborating and sharing performance in milliseconds. Even if your network is slow, XLShare will take care of the sharing in the background, freeing you up to continue working. XLShare can be installed on premise to squeeze out all the milliseconds.
Lightweight and no infrastructure (so it’s cheap!)
XLShare does NOT require a Microsoft account, Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint, Windows Server nor SQL Server. You don’t even need Microsoft Excel but it does help. No more expensive licensing fees. We can provide solutions at a fraction of your current cost.
Legacy spreadsheets and add-ins?
Is your business’ balance sheet run on the “world’s largest spreadsheet”? Or are the monthly reports still generated by VBA macros? Or have you developed a collection of add-in functions that’s essential to your business? We share your frustrations with Microsoft’s strategy to move everything to the cloud only to get “Sharing Violations” and “Upload Failed Out of Sync” errors. We’ve been using Excel since 4.0 so we have our collection of legacy spreadsheets and have all the same problems as you in Excel. XLShare works across all versions of Excel, allowing for seamless transition between versions.

Some of the common problems XLShare fixes:
  • Sharing Violation or can’t open file because someone else has it open already. How many times have you seen this error? XLShare doesn’t care if you store your files on your local drive or on the network so there’s nothing to violate.
  • Upload failed out of sync. If you see this error stop collaborating as you will need hours trying to sync up your work manually again. XLShare doesn’t upload files so there’s nothing to get out of sync.
  • Large spreadsheets that won’t work on Office 365. Were you sold on the idea that moving to the cloud would solve all your problems only to realize the online version has half the functionality and is too slow? XLShare allows you to use Excel 2016 and still collaborate with users in Office 365 and Excel 2016 for Mac. XLShare allows you and your collaborators to transition seamlessly between Excel versions.
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Love it or hate it. Microsoft seems to hate it as they want you to learn Javascript to program an API that has half the functionality. We cannot imagine Excel without “Record Macro”.
  • Interop DLL, XLLs, COM and VSTO Add-in. XLShare itself is written with the Excel Interop library, using the awesome Excel-DNA library. Add your libraries alongside us.
  • Plenty more. We hear of new uses of XLShare all the time. Share your stories with us.
Ready to try? Download XLShare!
Take XLShare for a test drive. Installation is quick and simple. We only install what is necessary - NO ads, cookies nor anything invasive. You will be collaborating in minutes (if not seconds).

Please read the End-User License Agreement before downloading and installing XLShare.

For Excel 2013 or 2016 (32/64 bit Windows) desktop installation

Minimum requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  • Excel 2013 or 2016 (2007 and 2010 work but not supported)
  • Internet connection
  • Be able to unzip a .zip file into a directory

Once the download is complete, unzip "" into a directory (i.e. c:\Users\Username\Documents\XLShare). Double-click on “XLShare.Examples.xlsm” which should launch Excel and XLShare. That’s it. Start typing and you’ll be collaborating.

For Office 365 and Excel 2016 for Mac, look for us in the Office Addin-ins Store (still waiting for approval).
Cost & Plans
We provide a version of XLShare that is free to use and without ads for private and non-commerical use. What would be more irritating then having ads in Excel. However, some of the cost saving benefits that XLShare provides, we end up paying. Imagine all the spreadsheets our servers and databases have to keep track of.

For commercial use and resellers, we provide Business and Enterprise plans if you need more customization or support. Here is a summary of the benefits.

"El Cheapo" Plan
  • FREE
  • For private and non-commerical use.
  • Real-time Sharing and Collaboration in Excel with NO ads, cookies nor anything invasive.
  • Usage of public server and database. Your shared data will not have any security protection and will be open to the public.
  • No guarantee how long your data will be stored. Sounds like a good thing as you probably don't want us to keep your data around. Neither do we, but to get the full functionality of collaboration we need to store the latest version of your data.
  • Forum support

Small Businesses (ideal for < 20 users)
  • Costs: USD $20 / month / user + monthly server costs (~$30 depending on usage). If you already use Azure or AWS we can look at integrating with your servers.
  • No commitments. Paid monthly and can cancel anytime.
  • Your own dedicated server and protection for your data.
  • Consultation with initial setup
  • Phone, E-mail and Skype support
  • Priority for request of features and enhancements

  • Costs: Let's discuss
  • No commitments. Paid monthly and can cancel anytime.
  • Unlimited number of users
  • On premise installation of XLShare server and database
  • Your servers, your data. You decide who, what, where and how to control your data.
  • Consultation with initial setup
  • Phone, E-mail and Skype support
  • Priority for request of features and enhancements

XLShare is developed and maintained by Quant.Cloud. We are a different type of start up, if it can be called one. Founded in 2015, the average employee age is 45 years old. We would like to say we met at a Startup Weekend and came up with this game changing idea, but in reality all the employees met at school or from previous jobs and have been working together for over 20 years. The ideas of our products come from the frustrations of daily mundane tasks that prevent us from actually do our real work. We don't have a master plan to disrupt any industries nor working secretly on an AI algorithmn to predict your next online purchase. Quant.Cloud does not provide free lunches as our plat du jour usually involves cycling or tennis.

Our expertise are at the intersection of finance and technology. We provide customized solutions for some of the largest financial institutions. We do not produce minimum viable products and hope an idea catches on. Our team of professionals, who are experts in their fields have years of industry experience as Traders, Quants and Technologists, will work with you to engineer solutions that are invaluable to your business.

Quant.Cloud is an independent company based in Zürich, Switzerland. We have strategic partners locally in London, New York, Istanbul, South Africa and Singapore. Quant.Cloud’s products and services are used by banks, interbank brokers, hedge funds, asset managers, family offices and auditors.

Our Services

Trading Technology and Analytics

At its core, Quant.Cloud is built upon a platform for analysing, valuation and risk management of financial derivatives securities. This allows us to analyse large amounts of data to quantify your problems and systematically structure solutions which are backed by research data. With our expertise in financial engineering, we can deliver solutions as simple as a spreadsheet to an integrated web applications.

Valuation and Investment Services

Utilizing the Quant.Cloud platform, we can analyse and value the most complex derivative securities. We can perform independent price valuation (mark-to-market) of portfolios, determine effectiveness of hedging instruments and calculate in-depth risk and scenario analysis.

Advisory and Education

The technology and valuation services we provide are of no use unless you can put the data to use. Our professionals are committed to working with you, making sure you extract the maximum value from the results. Whether it is further financial training for the Treasury department or developing a quarterly hedging programme, Quant.Cloud can work with you to tailor a solution.
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